My biggest inspiration is meeting new people and capturing them the way I see them.

— Anna tarazevich

Nice to meet you! My name is Anna and I am a photographer based in Australia. Emotions, sincerity, capturing a story from your life - this is what is valuable to me in photography.
I had an interest to photography since my childhood, when my dad first started taking me on the walk to the park and capturing nature. I started my photo career when I was 17. I was always passionate about people and their stories, this is why I chose to be a family and wedding photographer in the first place.

I have documented significant life events, including weddings, birthdays, family reunions, and other celebrations across APAC and Europe over 10 years. I want to thank my family and friends who supported me on my journey and kicked me up when it’s needed. I also want to thank every one of you for choosing and trusting me. 
You inspire me to create more!

I treat the preparation of each photo session with great attention and care, helping with inspiration, organization, and providing an individual, tailored approach for each client. A photo shoot is not just about taking photos, but also an experience that will remain in your memory forever.

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